Aquasana Healthy Home Water Filters

The healthiest water doesn’t come from your tap, or in a bottle. For truly healthy water in your home, the answer is ‘selective filtration’. Activated Carbon water treatment filters can distinguish between pollution and trace minerals. Aquasana products are convenient, economical and produce the best tasting water

Suitable for the whole family, Aquasana domestic water treatment systems dispense pure drinking water for less than 4c per litre

  • Made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Each filter cartridge set can replace over 2000 single use water bottles
  • Cartridge caps can be recycled and the cartridges themselves can be buried in the garden, as they are a great fertilizer!

Aquasana carry a range of water filters from the Countertop and Shower filter to the Rhino Whole House water filter.

The countertop water filter is totally portable, uses no power, attaches easily to the tap and is guaranteed to fit 99% of Australian homes!

Advanced Filtration Units Remove Chemicals and Bacteria

Aquasana’s advanced twin cartridge, multi-stage filtration units combine the most effective technologies available.

  • mechanical filtration
  • adsorption
  • ion exchange
  • drink pure filtered water

This patented process selectively filters out chemicals such as chlorine, lead, VOCs, THMs, MTBE and over 100 common tap water contaminants

Sub-micro filtration removes turbidity and effectively removes more than 99.99% of bacteria, Cryptosporidium and Gardia (chlorine resistant parasites).

This leaves the natural minerals intact, providing healthy, great tasting water.

Stylish, Convenient, Economical Home Water Treatment Systems

Aquasana Countertop filters can be easily installed out of sight in your family kitchen with the under sink conversion kit – Available in 3 styles to suit every kitchen!Undersink Kit

Standard Undersink Water Filter Conversion Kit

Chrome Undersink Water Filter Conversion Kit

Brushed Nickel
Brushed Nickel Undersink Water Filter Conversion Kit

Countertop Water Filter, Shower Filter and Whole House Water Filter

Countertop Water Filter
Countertop Filter

Shower Filter
Shower Filter

Whole House Water Filter
Whole House Filter

Undersink Delux Nickal Model
Undersink Kit

Replacement Filters
Replacement Cartriges

Diverter Hose
Spare Parts

Countertop and Shower Filter Combo
Countertop + Shower