Troubleshooting Water Treatment Systems

  • Water Pressure of the Rhino has reduced to a trickle
    • Hi
      The water pressure of the Rhino whole house water filter has reduced to a trickle. The water going into the unit is ok but coming out of the main filter has slowed to less than a trickle.

  • Aquasana Water Filter caps are very tight
    • We just received our replacement filters for the Aquasana Water Filter. The caps are very tight and I can’t be undo them by hand. Using tools on the unit seems to damage the plastic. What can I do to loosen and replace the filters?

  • Leaking Shower Filter
    • In regards to a leaky shower filter, there are 2 possible causes…

      1. If you have just received your shower filter and it is leaking, it is possible that the ‘o’ ring isn’t fitted correctly, affecting the unit from sealing.

      Please try the following…

      a. Remove the cartridge.

      b. Inside the housing that attaches the shower pipe, the cartridge and [...]

  • Water Reduced to a Trickle
    • If you are experiencing low water pressure, which is not related to your water supply eg; simultaneous water usage, there are 3 possible causes…

      1. Your cartridges need replacing – change the cartridges if it has been more than 6 months since replacement

      2. There is sediment in the water – If you are using tank water, you will need [...]

  • Charcoal Grains in the Bath Water
    • If you have noticed some charcoal grains in the bath water, it’s possible that the plumber didn’t adequately flush the system at the time of installation and some charcoal will persist for the next two weeks.

      There is no harm done to the plumbing or appliances, however all aerator screens in the taps should be removed and cleaned after the water begins [...]

  • Countertop Burst Hose
    • If the hoses on your Countertop unit have burst, there are 2 possible causes…

      1. The unit hooked up under constant pressure, like an icemaker or drinking water fountain.

      2. You are running very hot water through the filter.

      Please contact us for a replacement part.

      *If you are enrolled in the Water 4 Life Program, the hoses will [...]

  • Leaking Water Filter
    • If your water filter is leaking, there are 2 possible causes, first check where the leak is coming from…

      1. The A or B cap (around the thread or from the middle hose outlet)

      2. The two hoses at the opposite end of the housing, away from the caps (remove cover).

      If your filter is leaking from the two [...]