Bottled Water Tastes Metallic!

I have recently come to Australia and found that the bottled water (except for a few like Evian) have a strong bitter/metallic taste. Same goes for tap water. Why is that? Will that be removed by using your filters?

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  1. Water Guru Says:

    The Aquasana water has a lovely sweet taste. This is because of the ion exchange resin in the second “B” cartridge which replaces ions such as lead with potassium.

    On the last episode of “Sixty Minutes” on Channel Nine or NBN, there was a story called “Liquid Gold” which mentions that the results from laboratory tests performed for the show, contaminants such as aluminium were found in some brands of bottled water. Click on the link below for the full transcript of the bottled water article “Liquid Gold”

  2. Libby Says:

    Interesting to know.

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