Aquasana Water Filter caps are very tight

We just received our replacement filters for the Aquasana Water Filter. The caps are very tight and I can’t be undo them by hand. Using tools on the unit seems to damage the plastic. What can I do to loosen and replace the filters?

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  1. Water Guru Says:

    Hi Bron
    This happens sometimes, because the unit is constantly immersed in water!
    Best thing to do is to sit your unit against a wall – with the caps facing
    up. Then put a little vegetable oil around the caps, so it slowly seeps in
    to the grooves.

    Leave it there for a couple of hours and this should make opening the caps
    by hand a little easier. If not, long nose pliers at this point will do the

    When you replace your filters, be sure to line the grooves of the caps with
    a little vegetable oil to make the caps easier to open next time you need to
    replace your filters.

    If your problem persists, please contact customer support

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